My Current Leave-in Mix


I’ve been a fan of KimmayTube’s DIY leave in mix for some time, simply because I love the changes I’ve seen in my hair. She clearly did her research, and now she’s got her own line! Kudos! But hey….she’s where I learned the benefits of aloe Vera juice, and I must say I’ll never depart from it! The reason her mix fares so well is the chemistry that backs it up: pH.

Sebum (the natural hair oil designed to protect our strands) has a natural pH between 4.5 and 5.5. And since it’s harder for it to travel down more curly hair types, these types are naturally unprotected and naturally dry. Aloe Vera’s pH falls within that range, so adding it to your routine promotes a healthy scalp and reduces breakage…thus healthy hair will grow from it!

Now maybe that was a major over simplification, but in a nutshell that’s…

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