Just because it’s a so-called “black” product…


….doesn’t mean it’s the only product that’ll work. In fact, my favorite conditioner is Aussie Moist, which is NOT found in Target’s newly expanded “ethnic” aisle. Or any ethnic aisle, for that matter. I’ve been adding “roo to my do” ever since I took the advice of a cowash article I read a while back. It’s thick and creamy, and it allows me to literally finger detangle my tresses with minimal breakage. That’s some slip yall. Here’s more:

  1. It has EDTA, which is a cleansing agent. Don’t make me say the whole chemical name tho (lol), but it’s less harsh on our strands as those sulfites found in regular shampoos.
  2. My coils “clump” better after I cowash with it. They’re so defined, they really pop!
  3. Did I say I don’t need to comb it through?
  4. My coils stay elongated longer. Less shrinkage!
  5. It’s cheap! The regular sized bottle hovers around…

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