Fix my hair!


I’ll admit….I’ve been neglecting my hair. My hair went from shiny and dark to brown and brittle. I just looked (I mean, really looked) in the mirror and there it was..she (I STILL haven’t named her yet) was hurting. In all my busyness I did notice my ends were a bit more tangly now but I just didn’t have the time to fix them. *sigh*

So it was 11:45pm when I had my wake-up glimpse in the mirror. I had a mountain of things on my bed, but I decided to fix my hair. It had been some time since I set my hair for bed with my trusty LOC method, and boy did she need it. I also trimmed those crispy ends off too. Yes crispy lol.

I’ve found that two strand twists are the best way for me to trim my ends and keep them healthy, and now…

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