About Me!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I have several interests, and they’re all related to helping everyday folks like you and me feel better about themselves! I can help you align your Natural Crowns with your DevaVision, get on a customized path to balance your temple, revitalize and enhance your self esteem through makeup; and find, cultivate, and monetize your passions! I will have a lot of different followers for one or several of the reasons above, so thank you and congratulations for joining me during the evolving stages of my brand!

It is my sincere hope that everything I post brings value to your day in some way, and that you can find something to apply to your life. I’d love to hear your feedback, let me know how I can improve! Here are a few reasons why you absolutely need what I have to share with you….

  1. I transformed my natural hair, and can do the same for you! – This is my third rodeo with natural hair, and I must say that I have learned so much each time and I’m so proud to announce this is it, no more big chops! It took so much time for me to figure Miss Deva out (yes, my hair is a ‘she’ lol), I’m on a mission to help you save the time and hassle it cost me to grow to love your hair as much as I love mine! Find all hair related posts under “Hair” above 👆🏾.
  2. I practice the healthy lifestyle I teach! – My hair journey initially inspired my own walk towards a healthier lifestyle, and I’m finding that years and years of toxic overload has taken a toll on my body! As I eliminate toxins, my face stays clear and my belly stats flat! Those are my main issues, and I look forward to helping you with yours too! Find all wellness posts under “Wellness” above 👆🏾.
  3. I used to be bland, but not anymore! – I’m also a recovered everyday blah-aholic, and I’m sharing my journey as a makeup artist too! I always have issues with drugstore makeup so I mainly use MAC and other higher end labels like Urban Decay and Make Up Forever…but mostly MAC tho lol. Now that I’ve gotten rid of acne, I can show you how to grow to love the skin you’re in again too! Find all makeup and skin related posts under “BeingDevaCoilsMUA” above 👆🏾.
  4. I teach everyday people (like you and me) how to make money! – I’m building a success dream team! I’ve learned how to leverage my research and teaching skills to monetize my love of makeup! If you are here from my public figure page on Facebook, or my @thebestmetoday profile on Instagram, my business-related topics are under “Real Talk” in my menu above 👆🏾. If you are tired of living from paycheck to paycheck and want to really help change lives, I’m looking for you! Feel free to browse the entire site! To get your tailor-made experience with me, come back on the days that are most important to you!
  • First Monday – Skin & Makeup
  • Second Monday – Biz Tips
  • Third Monday – Wellness/Fitness
  • Fourth Monday – ThirstyHair
  • Fifth Monday – Fitness

I’d love for you to get to know me through my blog, but if you have questions about your hair or skin issues, or even share your new fave hair crush, feel free to contact me here as well so we can connect! I’d love to chat with you, your DevaHair awaits!



P.S. Safira McGrew is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Lots of folks ask me where I find many of the things I post about, so now I have special links for them to share with you, in addition to my favorites in my personal store!


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